Beautiful ride to Mount Holyoke


Well, the clouds were out pretty much all day, but the forecasted rain never did materialize.

So, I took the opportunity to bike about 15 miles north of Springfield, up to my maternal grandmother’s alma mater, Mount Holyoke College. It was a gorgeous, classic New England campus, and it felt pretty cool to be there nearly 100 years after she started there in 1926. The school was already nearly 100 years old by that point, having been founded in 1837.

The ride to and from the school was also beautiful. Before leaving Springfield, I encountered a really cool-looking “tube” bridge across the railroad tracks. I was excited to cross it. Sadly, once I got close I discovered that the elevator was out of service. It was a bummer to have to fold the bike and carry it up several flights of stairs, but I thanked my lucky stars that 1) I didn’t have the trailer with me, and 2) I was on a bike, and not in a wheelchair.

After crossing that bridge, I saw a number of industrial and scenic buildings and bridges.

Returning from the college several hours later, I passed some extra-cool-looking, desolate railroad tracks, and felt compelled to capture them. Shortly afterward, as I arrived back into town, I passed the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The unique building caught my eye.

As I neared my hosts’ house and reached Forest Park, I was captivated by the black benches ringed by trees in the dusky light, so I sat and enjoyed that ambience for a while.

When I returned to the house, there was another guest—a friend of theirs—on the porch, so we all sat and enjoyed dinner together over good conversation, as the daylight dimmed.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Brattleboro, on my first-ever visit to Vermont!

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