Marvelous May


It’s been a few weeks, so I wanted to check in here, but I don’t have much news to report. But I’ve been sitting for many cute kitties, and walking in lots of glorious nature and a few gardens, so I wanted to at least share the photos.

First, about three weeks ago I got back to Portland from my Salem sit, and due to a delayed Coast Starlight train, I got a rare double-Superliner sighting at Portland Union Station—cool!

I’ll show you the cats first, then the parks. The cats—in order of appearance—are Magellan & Meiling, Zu (whom you might recall from last summer), Einstein, Rocket, and Felix. Today I will say goodbye to Felix and say hello to two more tuxedo cuties—Abby and Lily, littermate sisters you also might remember from last summer.

As for the scenery, I visited Tryon Creek State Park shortly after returning to Portland. It never disappoints.

Then, during my sit for Einstein and Rocket in Happy Valley, I visited several nearby natural areas. I’ll be sitting for them again next month, and I’m looking forward to visiting several other nearby parks at that time.

One day while there, I took my bike to climb way up into the neighborhood to see amazing views of Mt. Hood. (Then in the Mt. Scott Nature Park 1.1-mile trail loop up there, I was surprised to come upon an overgrown car!)

On one occasion this past week, I visited Johnny in Salem by taking the train from Oregon City rather than Portland, since Happy Valley is within about a 45-minute bike ride from Oregon City. On the way back, I saw some lovely golden-hour views from the bike path.

During these past two days in the southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood, I first visited Sellwood Park, then biked a couple miles northeast to reach the iconic Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, which I found in just slightly post-peak splendor.

I’m so happy to be here at this time of the year!

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